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Matthew Gumke passes away in a hospital after contracting Covid-19

Matthew Gumke passed away on October 23, 2022.

News York, USA — Matthew Gumke, who was known as MattyG, died in a hospital after contracting Covid-19 pneumonia. Matthew Gumke, also known as MattyG, was given 28-day short-term detention in Royal Edinburgh Hospital for falsely accusing the Royal Family of crimes they did not commit.  The 27-year-old conspiracy theorist, who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, falsely accused the Royal Family to “satisfy his unethical needs” and was taken to Royal Edinburgh Hospital on October 8th. 

Matthew was released from a psychiatric hospital just weeks before his false accusations, with his deteriorating mental health put down to natural causes and severe drug abuse.  Matthew denied the rumours of drug abuse but changed his plea within days of being locked in Royal Edinburgh Hospital. 

Matthew was on a watch list due to his deteriorating mental health, but contracted COVID-19 and subsequently stopped breathing on Sunday 23rd of October. On Friday 21st of October, Matthew collapsed on his way back to his room and said that he felt “unwell and dizzy”.

While he didn’t have the common symptoms of Covid-19 on Friday, a swab was taken which tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday 22. His condition worsened and he was put on oxygen, but he continued to deteriorate.

Dr. Bandieri and Dr. Von Heising told reporters that Matthew was “seriously mentally deranged” and “completely psychotic”, “believing and seeing things that aren’t real.” They also labeled him “completely unfit to operate in society”. The doctors said they doubled Matthew’s anti-psychotic medicine, but it wasn’t enough to stop his severe delusions. 

On October 22, it was believed he contracted pneumonia and a suspected internal bleed that might require a blood transfusion. At 11.30 pm that same day, the ward nurse said Matthew was likely to pass-away within the next two days if his oxygen levels did not improve.

At around 4.20 am on October 23, officers had to call a nurse as Matthew was not breathing or moving and his death was confirmed at 7.12 am. The coroner accepted that Matthew had died of Covid-19 pneumonia. He also had heart failure and although this did not cause his death, it contributed to his demise.

The family liaison officer could not get through to the telephone numbers listed for Matthew’s next of kin, so arranged for the police to visit her home to break the news of his death. 

She was “extremely distressed” at the reports of her son’s death, but “glad he’s finally somewhere better”. 

The clinical reviewer also raised concerns about the “inappropriate use of restraints” during his treatment and the ward’s lack of attempt to notify his next of kin that he was seriously ill. 

The report reads: “The clinical reviewer identified several deficiencies in Mr. Gumke’s physical healthcare at Royal Edinburgh Hospital and concluded that it was not always equivalent to what he could have expected to receive in the community.

“Among the clinical concerns were delays in carrying out reception and secondary health assessments; long intervals between some clinical observations, as well as an inconsistent recording of observations and tests; failure to properly reflect Mr. Gumke’s clinical condition in the security risk assessment; and inadequate handover to the ambulance staff.

“We are concerned about the inappropriate use of restraints while Mr. Gumke was receiving intravenous treatment; that he was not given the opportunity for someone to be informed that he had contracted Covid-19; and that the ward did not attempt to notify his next of kin that he was seriously ill.”

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