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MAOCAT Announces New $MAO Presale with Initial Results Exceeding All Expectations

Hong Kong, 27th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, MAOCAT, the first cat-themed memecoin on Ethereum, announced the first results of its newly-begun presale, which has exceeded all expectations. The pre-launch event for the $MAO coin has already raised over $300,000 after memecoin fans bought over 66% of the 1,300,000 $MAO (+ 20% bonus).

The initial success of the $MAO presale has taken the memecoin community and even the MAOCAT team by surprise. The up-and-coming project put up 60% of the 5 billion MAOCAT token supply up for sale before the coin’s official launch. Moreover, the presale event will take place over 10 phases stretching across the next month and a half.

Interested buyers can join the presale for $MAO tokens here.

The team announced that all the unsold coins subject to the presale will be burned at the event’s end. This practice should see a value spike for the token, considering its subsequent scarcity. As a result, early adopters have the opportunity of boarding a project with considerable potential and an already rising popularity.

The MAOCAT tokenomics plan is well-defined with several benefits for $MAO holders. For instance, users will not have to pay any Buy or Sell taxes within the MAOCAT ecosystem when using MAO tokens. The only transaction fees will go toward marketing (3%), the liquidity pool (3%), and development (2%). These small percentages on each transaction help the project grow and thrive into a sustainable and far-reaching DeFi ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the team will use the remaining 40% of the token supply to fund other initiatives that will help MAOCAT gain more traction in the crypto industry. The memecoin sector is already a highly competitive niche, but the MAOCAT developers believe the first Ethereum-based cat has what it takes to succeed.

More precisely, MAOCAT seeks to become a standout DeFi ecosystem, incorporating memecoins, NFTs, and farming pools. Users will have plenty of lucrative possibilities to mint, collect, and trade non-fungible tokens. Also, they will access passive income opportunities through the project’s upcoming MAOCAT Swap feature, a liquidity pool with advantageous staking options.

Additional future features include an IDO launchpad for users seeking to launch their own initiatives while harvesting MAOCAT’s increasing utility and popularity. A MAOCAT play-to-earn (P2E) game is also on the horizon, engaging players in fun and exciting quests using $MAO tokens and MAOCAT NFTs.


MAOCAT is a new memecoin project seeking to expand past the usually short lifespan of memecoin projects. To this end, it has developed an ambitious roadmap that includes several objectives pertaining to decentralized finance. A unique collection of 10,000 MAOCAT NFTs will also help it enter the NFT niche and cater to NFT collectors and traders everywhere.

For now, the MAOCAT team is focusing on the $MAO presale and its unexpected success. Crypto enthusiasts have nearly one month and a half to join the event, which will increase the token’s price with every new phase. This means that getting early behind the project will enable them to purchase the memecoin at a discount price.

You can connect your wallet to the presale platform and buy $MAO here.

You can learn more about MAOCAT at these links: Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram) | YouTube | Instagram

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