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XAR and Salus Join Forces to Build zkLogin ‘Hikari’: The Final Step to Mass Adoption on Starknet

XAR and Salus join forces to unveil Hikari, a revolutionary zkLogin system set to redefine how users onboard Starknet. This cutting-edge collaboration, backed by the Starknet Foundation, promises to dissolve the barriers between Web2 and Web3 with unprecedented ease.

Overcoming Web3 Onboarding Challenges with zkLogin and Starknet’s Smart Contract Wallets

The transition to Web3 has long been hindered by two main challenges: fiat-crypto exchange and wallet setup. While traditional financial mediation addresses the former, the latter demands innovative crypto-native solutions. Metamask, despite its dominance, prioritizes security over user experience, creating high barriers for new users.

Hikari’s zkLogin bridges this gap by leveraging zero-knowledge proof to verify Web2 credentials without compromising privacy. Users can generate a public-private key pair locally and authenticate through OpenID Connect platforms. The zkLogin service securely processes this information, enabling seamless wallet setup or recovery on Starknet. Additionally, Starknet’s native support for smart contract wallets offers a unique advantage, allowing users to recover wallets by resetting public-private keys while maintaining the same on-chain address. This ensures a convenient and secure user experience, paving the way for mass adoption.

Hikari: Revolutionizing Starknet Onboarding and Paving the Path to Mass Adoption

Thanks to advances like zero-knowledge roll-up technology and the Dencun Upgrade, transaction costs on Starknet have plummeted. Integrating zkLogin with smart contract wallets and reduced gas fees removes entry barriers, fostering widespread adoption across various platforms, from social media to gaming

Hikari allows users to log in with existing Web2 credentials, facilitating a smooth transition to Web3. First-time transactions can be subsidised, and lost keys can be reset effortlessly. Throughout the entire process, the users’ Web2 and on-chain identities remain undisclosed to external parties, ensuring utmost user privacy.

XAR and Salus: Pioneering Teams Shaping the New Era of Blockchain Adoption

XAR, developing a Web3 AR social platform, and Salus, renowned for security and ZK research, are jointly advancing Hikari. This collaboration, backed by the Starknet Foundation, highlights the potential of zkLogin to break through current Web3 limitations and drive true mass adoption.

By slashing transaction costs and simplifying onboarding, Hikari opens the door to a world where anyone can participate in the decentralized revolution. This innovative approach heralds a new era of explosive value creation and interconnected ecosystems, positioning Hikari as a pivotal solution for Web3’s future.

Read more about Hikari here.

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