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Guggenheim CIO Scott Minerd reverse somersaults on crypto, calling it ‘Tulipmania’

More FUD from the man that said Bitcoin would be valued at $600K one day. In complete 180 on his position only a couple months prior, the worldwide Chief Investment Officer of speculation goliath Guggenheim has responded to the crypto market decline by alluding to it as ‘Tulipmania’.

It seems like Elon Musk isn’t the lone affluent individual to make a u-turn on their situation towards Bitcoin and crypto resources. As late as February, Guggenheim’s CIO Scott Minerd was requiring a drawn out Bitcoin cost of $600,000 dependent on Guggenheim’s “fundamental research”.

Yet, with business sectors plunging Minerd insinuated an air pocket with his remarks recently that guaranteed that “supply has swamped demand”.

Tulipmania is an expression gotten from a period during the Dutch Golden Age when costs for certain bulbs of the chic tulip arrived at remarkably undeniable levels, and afterward drastically imploded.

Compound Finance originator Robert Leshner contended that Minerd’s tweet was incorrect:

“Scott is dead wrong, bordering on financial malpractice. The supply of cryptocurrencies (#Bitcoin) and crypto assets ($ETH, $COMP, etc) does not increase as a function of price. That’s like saying the supply of stocks increases, as demand does.”

Other industry specialists additionally ringed in with crypto YouTuber Lark Davis answering with “wasn’t your company going to invest hundreds of millions into Bitcoin? This comment shows you guys must have done almost no research on the topic, shocking.”

Others guessed that the speculation organization was attempting to push costs down so they could purchase more.

It isn’t the first run through Minerd has back-peddled with his position on crypto resources. In January he said that BTC would dump to $20,000 adding that it would go no higher than its cost at the time which had quite recently bested $40,000.

The FUD followed Guggenheim’s proposed SEC recording to purchase $500 million in BTC with pundits contending it might have been a work to keep advertises low to work with less expensive buys. These bearish assertions likewise came after an affirmation in December wherein he expressed that the resource ought to be one day worth $400,000.

In April, Minerd was back with his expectations of pessimism requiring a re-visitation of $20,000 after Bitcoin had effectively impacted past $50,000. In the weeks that followed the resource proceeded to arrive at an untouched high of $65,000 before the inescapable amendment started.

The pullback the way things are is at present at 43.5% with BTC hitting an intraday low of $36,700 in late exchanging on Wednesday, May 19.

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